Investment Approach.

RCG sponsors a series of closed-end private partnerships and brings to investors  an opportunity to invest with a sponsorship / operator that exclusively focuses on retail shopping centers and value creation.

The principals of RCG maintain a highly disciplined and consistent approach to investing and are recognized for their operating capabilities and strong industry relationships. These attributes are the hallmark of our investment approach, and by adhering to them with a clear focus, we continue to deliver above market yields for our investors.

RCG investment approach employs a fundamental, value-oriented strategy focused on sophisticated analysis, intimate market knowledge supported by advisory services affiliates, and active asset management.

RCG offers two key real estate investment programs/platforms designed to meet the needs for current income, capital preservation, capital appreciation, and portfolio diversification for our investors. These investment programs employ value-added and opportunistic investment strategies.





Operating Approach.

RCG operates with an entrepreneurial sprit while leveraging institutional resources. Our operating approach focuses on building strong relationships with investors, tenants, and service partners.  We have a commitment to providing distinctly better solutions for our investors, partners and tenants.

We also focus on building strong brokerage relationships and execute transactions in a fair, efficient, and straightforward manner. Our debt advisory and brokerage affiliate Torrey Pacific Group, ensures RCG can operate through a reliable service partner.